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 Top Of The City Community Garden

Justyna Traore has been involved in multiple community projects in Waterford, including one of her biggest achievements so far - creating 'Top of the City' Community Garden on St Carthage's Avenue. In 2021, she initiated forming Wyse Green Growers Community Group in order to maintain vegetable beds in Wyse Park. Her idea of bringing together all groups with vested interest in the Park (including the Quakers, Wyse Green Growers, Waterford Area Partnership, Waterford City and County Council and Civic Trust) had a positive impact on the communication between local communities and authorities, leading to planning new investments and improvements within the park. In 2022, she was heavily involved in creating the Hive Community Garden, based on the grounds of the Butler Community Centre in John's Park. In September 2022, her involvement was recognized during Energia Let's Get Growing Campaign launched in partnership with Waterford Grow HQ, appointing her a Munster Community Hero. Justyna continues to give her support to newly formed community groups around Waterford, giving advice to volunteers inspired by her work and newly formed community groups.

My Sponsored Flower Boxes

Back last year I paid my first visit to see Top of the city community gardens in Waterford for one of my podcast shows and on first view I fell in love with the place and the view from this fab gardens looking over the city is just so nice plus lots of chickens to see too. The layout of the gardens are great and you can see so much hard work went into these gardens and Justyna and her team should be so proud and I loved the place so much that when I saw there new timber planters that I had to sponsor the planting for them and they even got me a very nice plaque to place on them so if yo are near Waterford you need to take a look and you can even buy some fresh eggs I cant wait to go see Justyna and the gang again plus check back here for updates on any events that will be going on below in Top Of The City Community Gardens

Upcoming Events

Thanks to the Community Support Fund released under the Community Enhancement Programme, we were able to build a beautiful wooden shelter with a platform, wooden steps and railings. The steps were designed to make the garden more accessible, especially for the visitors who found the slope at the entrance too challenging. A massive thank you to the Waterford City and County Council (LCDC) for allocating this grant, and helping us make another step forward in the process of strengthening our community. Thank you!

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St Carthage's Avenue, Waterford, Ireland



Closed Till Spring


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